Parkour in Pankow is a project by MESTIZX, a collective of artists from different backgrounds based in Berlin. We work with the richness of narratives and cultural capital resulting from the encounter of many identities. Our creations are a fusion of traditions, aesthetics and experiences that deconstruct hegemonic culture exploring new perspectives and visions. In this way, Mestizx promotes the generation of a richer and more diverse cultural heritage of the future.

Team 2022

Artistic Direction: Lucila Guichón
Production & Planning: Georg Zolchow
Artistic research Textile Tales: Joana Rossi, Lucila Guichón
Webdesign & Graphic Design: Wies Hermans
Workshop Performance: Karina Villavicencio
Arabic translation: Aida Flehan
Persian translation: Parnian Amiri
Volunteers: Arantza García

Team 2021

Artistic Direction: Lucila Guichón
Planning and production: Jimena Soria
Artistic research and development: Inti Gallardo, Lucila Guichón
Webdesign & Graphic Design: Wies Hermans
Interviews: Ludger Lemper, Inti Gallardo, Lucila Guichón
Artistic research textile mapping: Alexandra Bisbicus, Lucila Guichón
Workshop cartography: Tamara Saphir, Lucila Guichón
Collaborative sound piece: Genesis Victoria & Markus Posse
Photography: Jetmir Idrizi, Inti Gallardo & Lucila Guichón
Arabic interpreter: Ameri Zeinab
English translation: Berit Fischer
Volunteers: Vianny Suárez & Rehab Daibubraser
Copywriter fanzine: Lorène Blanche Goesele