Awareness Workshop

on Cultural Events in Public Spaces

Do you organize events in public spaces?
Do you want to make your work more accessible to a wider audience by focusing on the diversity of our city?
Are you wondering how to prevent situations of discrimination or how to deal with hostility during your events?
Would you like to learn tools for this and have a moment of exchange with colleagues on this topic?

On 16 June, as part of the project “MEHR SPRACH ICH – Stimmen im öffentlichen Raum”, we invite you to an “Awareness Workshop & Networking Session”. The workshop is aimed at organisations, institutions and local actors in Berlin Pankow who organise cultural events in public space. During the workshop we will talk about diversity in our communities and learn practical tools to make our work accessible to more people, prevent situations of discrimination or deal with hostility. The workshop will be led by the Violence Management Team and will not only offer practical knowledge but also a space for networking and sharing experiences among colleagues.

Contents of the workshop:

  • Safe haven (protection against violence) at the venue
  • Communication in difficult situations, de-escalation and how to conduct a conversation

Aims of the workshop

  • We want to learn how to better prepare for our cultural events in public spaces.
  • We want to protect the people who take part in them and prevent conflict situations.
  • We promote exchange between different organisations that organise cultural events.

The event will be held in German. If you need simultaneous translation into other languages, please contact us up to one week in advance.


Dear visitors and participants,
We make every effort to provide individual accessibility information for each event. General information about the accessibility of the workshop on 16 June can be found below. If you have further questions or a specific need, we encourage you to contact us at

Registration required: YES
Email for registration:
Free offer: Yes
Age: 18 years and older
Prior knowledge required: No
Simple language: No
Languages spoken: German
Transcription: No
Audio description for blind and visually impaired people: No
German Sign Language (DGS): No
Barrier-free WC: Yes
Space for wheelchairs: Yes
The venue is located on the 1st floor and is accessible by lift.
Seating facilities: Yes
Loungers: No
Childcare: No
Access by public transport: Yes
Bus stop nearby: S Buch/Röbellweg & Alt-Buch/Wiltbergstr
S-Bahn station nearby: Buch / Elevator: Yes

Content comment:
Experiences with discriminatory behaviour will be discussed – both from the perspective of those affected and those who practice it. The event requires the willingness and openness to deal with power dynamics and one’s own privileges. Affected persons are supported in finding a self-determined way of dealing with their experiences.

Please note: The organizers reserve the right to exercise their property rights and deny entry or exclude individuals who belong to extremist parties or organizations, are associated with the extremist scene, or have previously made racist, nationalist, anti-Semitic, or other inhumane statements.